[Coming Soon] Notes on POS Order Synchronization|POS App

*This feature is only available to merchants using iOS v.1.64.0 or Android v.1.34.0 and above.

SHOPLINE’s optimized workflow of POS order synchronization can greatly improve the efficiency of order uploads. The newly added order sync statuses help merchants understand the syncing status of each POS order, facilitating quick searches for orders with issues. In this article, you’ll find:


1. Order transaction synchronization status

After checkout, go to [Orders] to find the paid order. The following are the three possible scenarios.

A. Synchronization status: No tag

This indicates successful order creation, and the data has been synchronized to the system.


B. Synchronization status: Syncing

This indicates incomplete synchronization. The data is temporarily stored but has not yet been fully synchronized to the system. Please swipe down to refresh the data.


C. Synchronization status: Unsync

This indicates unsuccessful order creation, and the data is not synchronized to the system. Please ensure a good internet connection and try again.


*Note: If there are any unsynced or syncing orders, a notification will appear on the top of the [Orders] page. You can swipe down to refresh the transactions. Please DO NOT delete the app or reset the transaction data to avoid the loss of unsynced data.



2. Operations regarding unsynced/ syncing orders

While connected, you cannot initiate a return or order cancellation for an unsynced/ syncing order. A notification will pop up as a reminder. Please swipe down to refresh the app and wait for the synchronization to complete.



3. Resetting order data and transaction data

If there are any unsynced/syncing orders or transactions, you cannot reset the order and transaction data on the POS app to avoid data loss. Please ensure all orders are fully synchronized before resetting the data.

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