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In pre-order campaigns, merchants may need to pick products and assign them to placed orders based on the actual inventory. If there are multiple orders including various kinds of products, merchants can use the "Bulk Assign Inventory and Split Orders" app to bulk-pick products and split orders. In this fashion, products with sufficient inventory can be split into new orders and shipped to customers, contributing to a better shopping experience.

The article will cover the following:


1. Rules and examples of bulk inventory assignment

i. Inventory assigning rules

During the bulk inventory assignment process, orders will be evaluated based on the following conditions to achieve successful inventory allocation.

Order attribute

needs to be...

Order Type

Orders order than sub-orders

Order Status

"Open" or "Confirmed"

Payment Status

  • Orders using SHOPLINE Payments:
    • "Paid" - eligible for inventory assigning, but NOT order splitting
    • "Unpaid" - eligible for inventory assigning and order splitting
  • Orders NOT using SHOPLINE Payments: "UnPaid" or "Paid" are both eligible for inventory assigning and order splitting

Delivery Status


Inventory Assignment Status

No ongoing inventory assigning task

Product Inventory


*Note: For orders using SHOPLINE Payments, you can include "Paid" as a filtering condition to ensure the filtered orders are eligible for order splitting.


ii. Inventory assigning examples

A. Inventory partially assigned 

The merchant has purchased 50 sweaters and 50 jackets. There is 1 order that needs inventory allocation. The inventory assignment status will be as below:

Original Order  

(From old to new)

Purchased Products

Inventory Assignment Status

Order Split Results

202308110000 (Customer A)

Sweater * 3 

Jackets * 12

Pants * 12

Partially assigned

202308110000A (Sub-order)

Sweater * 3

Jacket * 12

202308110000 (Original order)

Pants * 12

*Remark: As no pants are purchased, there is no inventory for pants to be allocated.


B. Insufficient inventory 

The merchant purchased 50 sweaters and 10 jackets. There are 2 orders that need inventory allocation. The inventory assignment status will be as below:

Original Order  

(From old to new)

Purchased Products

Inventory Assignment Status

Order Split Results

202308120000 (Customer B)

Sweater * 3 

Jacket * 12

Pants *  12

Partially assigned

202308120000A (Sub-order)

Sweater * 3

202308120000 (Original order)

Jacket * 12 

Pants * 12

202308130000 (Customer C)

Sweater * 1 

Jacket * 1

Pants *  1

Partially assigned

202308130000A (Sub-order)

Sweater * 1 

Jacket * 1

202308130000 (Original order)

Pants * 1 

*Remark: Customer B ordered 12 jackets. However, due to insufficient inventory, only 1 sweater can be allocated to the order.



2. Bulk assign inventory

Step 1. Select orders

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Order Management] > [Orders] and check the orders that need inventory assigning. Once the orders are selected, click Bulk Actions to open the dropdown list, and select Bulk Assign Inventory and Split Orders. You will then be directed to the page for bulk assigning inventory and splitting orders.pastedGraphic_1.png


Step 2. Enter the task setup page

After you enter the bulk assigning task page, click Select Products to select the products that need bulk inventory assignment.pastedGraphic_2.png


Step 3. Search for products

You can enter the following four product key words to search for target products.

  1. Product name (Please note that letter cases may affect search results)
  2. Product SKU: Supports searching up to 10 products at one time. The SKUs need to be separated with spaces or "".
  3. Product tag
  4. Product barcode


After checking the desired products, click OK.pastedGraphic_4.png


Step 4. Set up inventory

Customize the product inventory for this inventory assignment, which is unlimited by default. Switch on the "Custom Inventory" toggle and uncheck the "umlimited" box. Then, you can enter the product quantity for this task.



Step 5. Set notification

Check the notification types for split orders. You can choose to send notifcation of the original order or the new sub-order. If you leave the boxes blank, upon order split, you can still proceed to the new sub-order page to send notifications.pastedGraphic_5.png


Step 6. Confirm assigning inventory

Click the Assign Inventory to Orders button. Once all set, click Confim to continue.pastedGraphic_6.png


The system will direct you to the "Task History" page and begin to assign inventory to orders. Please click the return button on the top left and wait for the task to complete.pastedGraphic_7.png



3. View inventory assignment report

Step 1. View inventory assigning task

Go back to the "Bulk Assign Inventory and Split Orders" page and find the task you just confirmed for inventory assignment. If its inventory assignment status (Allocate Status) has changed to "Generated", click View to enter the "Task History" page to download the task report and other subsequent steps.pastedGraphic_8.png


Step 2. Download Inventory assignment report

Click the inventory assignment report to download it. You can also click the View selected products button at the upper right corner to view the products in this task.pastedGraphic_9.png


Tabs and fields of inventory assignment report

The inventory assignment report has 3 tabs: "Allocate Success Report", "Allocate Fail Report", and "Product Allocate Summary Report". From these tabs, yu can view the information of customers, orders or products. Listed below are the descriptions of the fields in the report.

1. Allocate Success Report, Allocate Fail Report


  • Order No.
  • Allocate Status: The inventory allocation status of selected orders. If the inventory is allocated successfully, the orders will be listed on the tab of "Allocate Success Report". If the inventory failed to be allocated, the orderrs will be listed on the tab of "Allocate Fail Report". For more on the inventory allocation status, you can refer to the aforementioned Inventory assigning examples.

Allocate Status


Partial (Allocated successfully)

The orders need splitting, and part of the products can be shipped.

Full (Allocated successfully)

Orders don't need splitting and the products can be shipped right away.

No Such Item (Allocated unsuccessfully)

The product to be allocated is not in the selected orders.

Inventory not sufficient (Allocated unsuccessfully)

The product to be allocated is in the selected orders but has insufficient inventory.

Criteria Not Match (Allocated unsuccessfully)

1. There are sub-orders (split order), which are not applicable to inventory assignment.
2. There is an ongoing inventory assignment task.
3. There are orders with order status other than "Open" or "Confirmed".
4. There are orders with delivery status other than "Unfulfilled."

  • Allocate Remark
  • Agree to split order: If the customer does not agree to split the order, please fill in "N" in the "Agree to split order" column.
  • Remark by SHOP
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Order Link
  • Alloocate Item Name and Variation
  • Allocate Item SKU

2. Product Allocate Summary ReportpastedGraphic_11.png

  • Product Name
  • SKU
  • Barcode
  • Assigned QTY
  • Remaining QTY



4. Bulk split orders

Step 1. Upload file

Once you have confirmed the information about inventory allocation, you can proceed to split orders or choose to cancel assignment and re-select thee orders to assign inventory. Click Upload file or drag and drop the inventory assignment report here. Please note that the file format must be XLS or XLSX, and the file size must be smaller than 10 MB.


Step 2. Confirm to split orders

A. Execute splitting

Click Confirm assignment and start splitting order and wait for the system to complete the order splitting. *Note: Once you click on this button, the order splitting cannot be stopped or cancelled. Please confirm the accuracy of the data before proceeding with order splitting.

Then, please refer to 5. Results below for the subsequent explanation.pastedGraphic_13.png


B. Cancel assignment

If you encounter a failed inventory assignment, you can enter the task page and click Cancel assignment to cancel the task.pastedGraphic_14.png


After the inventory assigning task is canceled, its allocation status will change to "Cancelled".pastedGraphic_15.png



5. Results

Go to the "Bulk Assign Inventory and Split Orders" page. Once the allocation status of the task changes to “Completed”, you can click View to view the details of the order splitting.pastedGraphic_16.png


Under the “Confirm order assignment” section, click on the file link to download the order splitting result report. You can view the results of the order splitting including order numbers and products of newly generated orders.pastedGraphic_17.png


Example of the order split report




6. Notes

  • The maximum number of orders that can be selected for each inventory assignment task is 5000.
  • Only 1 task can be processed at one time. If you submit multiple tasks, the system will process them one by one.
  • One original order can be split up to 20 times.
  • Once an order is split, it cannot be merged with other orders.



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