Inventory Management


The inventory feature allows you to manage product quantity effectively. You will be able to amend the inventory of each product on the list or do it in bulk.

Let's take a look at how it works, first, go to "Admin Panel" and click "Products and categories" > "Inventory". You can do the following actions to manage your inventory:

1. Page introduction

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Products & Categories] > [Products] to open the inventory management page. 


Click the View Inventory Analysis button on the top right to view more detailed inventory data .




In the inventory management page, you can view "Product", "Add-on Item" and "Free Gift" separately. 



2. Filter

You can filter the products by quantity:

  • Out of stock
  • Low Quantity
  • Unlimited Quantity



and according to your preference, further, filter the products by status or just filter by status alone:

  • Unpublished
  • Published



Products in the list are sorted by their creating time. 

Or if you use the "Low Quantity" option to filter "Quantities less than or equal to" to find out the current stock level of the products, the result will be sorted by the quantity starting from the lowest.EN_1-3.png



3. Basic operation

There are 2 methods to update inventory, either by the "Add" button or the "Set" button.

1. Set the quantity of products without variations

Try and add new inventory to products without variations as example, when you click the "Add" button and enter the number in the blank input field, the quantity will be summed up.

e.g. The Blueberry Cheese Cake is out of stock and if you enter 10, 0+10=10. The new quantity will be updated as 10.EN_2-1.png


Another method is to completely replace the current inventory number. When you click the "Set" button and enter the numbers in the blank input field, the quantity will be completed replaced by the input number.

e.g. There are 30 sangria drinks in stock and if you enter 0, the quantity will be replaced as 0 and become out of stock.EN_2-2.png


2. Set the quantity of product with variations

For products with variations, each variation of the main product will be seen as a sub-product here. When you click the "Add" button and enter the number in the black input field, the quantity of sub-product will be summed up. The system will also show the total quantity of the main product as well, meaning that it will add up the total number of each variation to obtain an overall inventory number.EN_2-3.png


When you click the "Set" button and enter the numbers in the blank. The quantity of the variation will then be renewed.  The system will show the total quantity of the main product as well.EN_2-4.png

Note: Please be reminded that the system will only update the changes after you click "Save". It will not automatically save after input of quantity. Also, the inventory for products with unlimited quantities cannot be updated here as quantity in stock is considered unlimited. 


4. Bulk Actions

Please select the products you wish to bulk update by ticking the boxes on the left-hand side. Next, click "Bulk Actions" on the top right-hand corner of the products list.

You can choose to:

  • Update Inventory
  • Publish Selected
  • Unpublish Selected

Here we will demonstrate how to "Update Inventory" in bulk.


Step 1

Click "Update Inventory" and a pop-up window will show up > You can choose to update inventory by "Add" or "Set".EN_3-Step1.png


Step 2

If you press the "Add" button, the selected products' inventory will be summed up respectively after entering the number in the blank input field. You can take a look at the result as reference in the picture below.



If you click the "Set" button, the selected products' inventory will be renewed respectively after entering the number in the blank input field. You can take a look at the result as a reference in the picture below.


*Note: Inputs such as numbers with more than 7-digits, negative numbers, characters, and symbols are invalid inputs and will be not be saved. Please also note that you are unable to only publish/ unpublish single variations. The system will publish/unpublish the whole product. EN_3-Step2-2.png






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