Sales & Promotions: Free Shipping

Merchants can create your "Free Shipping" Promotional Offers to your customers as a strategy to boost the sales and encourage bulk purchase from customers.

Types of Free-shipping promotions are available:

  • Free Shipping for All Orders, without any conditions
  • Free Shipping on Orders over required Order Subtotal/Minimum Items
  • Free Shipping on Selected Products over Minimum Amount/Items
    (With the advanced settings, different combinations of promotions can be added.)
  • eg. "Christmas Special Offer: Free Shipping on Orders over HK$500 (Valid Period from 20/12 to 25/12)"


Steps to set up Free Shipping Promotion:

Step 1:Go to "Sales & Promotions" Tab

> Select "Free Shipping" to view the Discount List


> Click "Add" to create new promotion OR
> Click "Edit" to view and edit the promotion/coupon you have created before


> Click "Unpublish" to deactivate the promotion/coupon when the promotional campaign ends.


Step 2. General Information

A. Promotion Name:

Promotion name will be displayed on the checkout page.


(1) You can fill in the name in either language.

(2) Promotion Name cannot be more than 100 characters in length


B. Set Benefits:

 For the Free Shipping promotion, "Free Shipping" is set as a discount type by default.


C. Discount Conditions:

(1) No Condition: 
The product OR the order can apply to the promotion directly

(2) Set Discount Condition:
The promotion comes valid when customers fulfills the conditions 

(3) Set Selected Product Condition:
When the order includes the selected products with conditional amount/items, the whole order can enjoy free shipping promotion.
eg. Condition - Buy A over $100 for free shipping
Buy selected product A over $100 + non-selected product B > Enjoy free shipping. 

Step 3. Set Target Group

- You can set the promotion to be exclusive for Logged in members.
- Default value is "All Customers", which means the promotion is for all customers.
- Change the options into "Members" to activate the member-exclusive promotion.
- Once enabled, you can also choose to limit the promotion can be used ONCE or with unlimited use for logged in members.


Step 4. Advanced Settings

A. Coupon Code:
Our system would preset the promotion does not require Coupon Code to redeem, which means the promotion is auto-applied at the checkout page.


If Coupon Code is required to redeem the discount, you can "Unchecked" the checkbox and enter the Coupon Code. 


(1) Coupon Code can only include numbers and alphabets. No spaces allowed. (e.g. SUMMER10OFF)

(2) If one set of coupon code is input, we do not limit the number of times that coupon code can be used.

(3) To create multiple unique coupon codes, please separate the codes by commas e.g. VIP001,VIP002,VIP003.


B. Promotion Limitations:

1.Promotion Period

Start Date: Default value is TODAY. Start time at 00:00 TW/HK time (GMT+8).

End Date: Default value is "Never expires". You can unchecked the "Never expires" checkbox and then able to set End date of the promotion. End time at 23:59 TW/HK time (GMT+8).

2.Number of times the promotion can be used:

Default value is "Unlimited" use of the promotion.
You can unchecked the "Unlimited" checkbox to set number of times the promotion can be used


Step 4. Set Valid Payment & Delivery Options

The system has automatically applied all the payment settings valid to this promotion. If there are some payment settings invalid to this promotion, you can unselect some payment settings valid to this promotion.



Step 5. Preview Setting & Publish the Discount Promotion



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