Facebook Pixel Setup



Facebook is removing the old conversion tracking pixel in the second half of 2016. For conversion tracking, optimization and remarketing, we recommend using the Facebook pixel (New) instead. Learn more.


Step 1

Please visit: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/pixel/facebook_pixel/
And then login with your Facebook account.


Step 2

Click "Set Up Pixel".



Step 3

click "Manually install the code yourself".



Step 4

When you see this message, it means your Facebook Pixel has been created. Copy or write down the Pixel ID, follow the Step 5, 6 below to add the pixel ID into SHOPLINE's admin panel. Then paste your shop domain under "Send test traffic to your pixel" > click "Send Test Traffic". After that, you can setup the custom events. When you have finished the above steps, you can exit the window.



Note: If you have already created Facebook Pixel before, you can find your Facebook Pixel ID on Pixel page.


Step 5

Go to SHOPLINE Admin Panel, and go to "Tracker Settings" under "Settings". In "Add Tracker" section, choose "Facebook Pixel (new)".


Step 6

Enter your Facebook Pixel ID (15 or 16 digits), and click "Add" to complete the installation.


Step 7

If you use Chrome browser, you can install "Pixel Helper" extension (Install link) to check whether your pixel has been installed successfully.



Step 8

To use Pixel Helper, go to any page on your shop, and activate the extension.

When you see this message, it means your pixel has been installed successfully.


Note: To ensure the functioning of Facebook Pixel, if you have installed Facebook Conversion Pixel (Old) and/ or Facebook Custom Audience Pixel (Old), please remove the old pixels from the Event Tracker page on SHOPLINE Admin Panel after installing Facebook Pixel (New).

Note: These are the standard events tracked by SHOPLINE FB Tracker:



There are 9 pixel standard events which are already installed in your pages:


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