Bing Ads Conversion Tracking Set Up


By setting up Bing Ads Conversion Tracking, you will be able to track conversions from your advertisement on Bing and Yahoo search engines, thus better manage your search ad performance.

Here is how you set up Bing Ads Conversion Tracking on SHOPLINE Platform:

1) Login to your Bing Interface and Find "Conversion Tracking" from the panel on left hand side


2) Select Conversion Goals in the menu


3) Click Create Conversion Goal


4) Complete the details as below



5) And then Save after finish



6) Click View Tag


7) Copy the 7 digit ID from the conversion pixel


8) Go to SHOPLINE backend > Settings > Tracking Settings > select Bing conversion tracking


 9) Paste the 7 digit ID here



10) That's it and you're ready to tracking Bing's conversion :)



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