Use Paypal Personal Account to Setup Paypal Express

Plan Availability:

✓ Basic Plan

✓ Advanced Plan

✓ Premium Plan

If you are now using Paypal personal account, you can click here to upgrade to Premier version. 


You can start applying for Paypal Express after upgrading to Premier account:  

Step 1

Click "Premier account" > Click "Continue"



Step 2

Input your personal information > Click "Continue"




Step 3 

Go back to Paypal account homepage > Click "Seller Preference" on the bottom left corner



Step 4 

Click "Update" on API Access row in "My Profile"



Step 5

Click "Request API credentials" on the right column 



Step 6

Click "Request API signature" on the left > “Agree and Submit" 



Step 7

Click "Show" button in “API Username""API Password" and "Signature" section 



Step 8

Copy API Username, API Password and Signature 


Step 9

Go back to SHOPLINE admin panel > "Settings" > "Payment Options" > Paste the API Username, API Password and Signature to the fields > Click "Add" to complete the Paypal Express Setup 



Hong Kong merchants can contact Paypal business consultants via (852) 2529 3921 if needed.

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