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To lower the occurrence of invalid orders, merchants can add certain customers into blacklist, which disables these customers from making orders with the same e-mail or phone number. 

This article includes: 

1. Blacklist Customers
2. Remove Customer from Blacklist
3. Search for Blacklisted Customers


1. Blacklist Customers

Step 1

Go to either "Customer List" page or "Orders" page in admin panel


Step 2

Click the "View" button on the customer who you wish to blacklist





Click "Order No." which corresponds to the customer you want to blacklist 



Click "View Customer" > You'll be directed to "Customer" page



Step 3

Click “Add to blacklist” button



Step 4

Click "OK" to confirm the action pic4.jpg


In your Customer Page, you will be able to see the customer is checked with "Blacklisted" 




After clicking "OK", the customer will be blocked from logging in as member > When the customer tries to placing order in checkout page, he/she would fail to checkout, and will see message "Your account is blocked"



2. Remove Customer from Blacklist

View the customer from order/customer page > Click "Remove from blacklist" so that the customer can place orders with the same email/ phone number



3. Search for Blacklisted Customers 

Search blacklisted customer by clicking dropdown box "Select A Filter" > Choose "Is Blacklisted" option






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