Enable Customer Login with Facebook

Step 1

After you login to Facebook, please enter to: https://developers.facebook.com/


Step 2

Click on Register/ Add an app


Step 3

Check 1.Yes-to accept Facebook Platform Policy and the Facebook Private Policy > 2.Register/ log in your facebook account



Step 4

Check the "WWW" icon


Step 5

Enter your store name and click ”Create New Facebook App ID"


Step 6

Fill in email and choose a shop/service/product type from category here, then click "Create APP ID"


Step 7

Fill in the security code and click submit button.


Step 8

Click the “Skip Quick Start” on right up corner.


Step 9

Click Setting >> Basic
Fill in your privacy policy


Step 10

Click Add Platform >> Click "Website" 



Step 11

Enter your domain and check “Save Changes”



Step 12

If your Facebook developer's API menu have PRODUCTS, 

Please proceed the following steps:

Go to Facebook Login > Settings >

1. Switch on "Client OAuth Login"
2. Switch on "Web OAuth Login"
3. Switch on "Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs"
4. Under "Valid OAuth redirect URIs", whitelist the following URI:

(Shop that is using free domain)
1. https://abc.shoplineapp.com/users/auth/facebook/callback

(Shop that is using unique domain)
1. https://www.abc.com/users/auth/facebook/callback
2. https://abc.shoplineapp.com/users/auth/facebook/callback

Please note: Turn on [Use Strict Note For Redirect URIs] 



Step 13

Go to App Review and click "Yes" to make your Facebook App public. 

Then click "Confirm"


Step 14

Go back to dashboard. Here you can click the "show" button next to App Secret and it will show the codes for both Facebook App ID and App Secret.


Step 15

Go back to your SHOPLINE account panel, to Enable your Facebook App feature, please go to Settings --> Customer Settings.


Click "ON" and enter your Facebook App ID and App Secret, then check "Update" in the bottom right corner.

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