Google AdWords

Google Adwords is Google's advertising platform that allows you to promote your product on Google’s search.You pay only when your customers click on your Ads. By adding a conversion tracker from Adwords to your shop, you can track and analyse customer behaviour. 

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Step 1

Sign in to your Google Adwords account. Click on "Tools" -> "Conversions" 


Step 2

Select "Website" as the source of conversions you'd like to track.


Step 3

Enter the name of your conversion action.


Step 4

You can decide whether or not to put a value for each conversion.


Step 5


Click "Save and continue".


Step 6

Copy the conversion ID and the conversion label.


Step 7

After setting up your conversion action in the Google Adwords account, go to your shop's admin panel.

Click "Settings" -> "Tracker Settings" then add a Google Adwords tracker.


Step 8

Pick the action that you want to track and paste the copied Google conversion ID and Google conversion label.

Don't forget to click "Add" to save the tracker!


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