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From Google: "Speed counts in today's global marketplace. Google Tag Manager gives you the power to create and update tags for your website and mobile apps, any time you want, at the speed of your business."


Step 1

Go to Google Tag Manager and sign in to your Google account.


Step 2

Add an account by entering your company name.


Step 3

Set up your container by entering a container name and where you want the tag to be used. Then click on "Create".


Step 4


When this page shows up, just click on "OK".


Step 5

Afterwards, go to your "Container" and copy the Google Tag Manager ID as shown above.


Step 6

 Go back to your admin panel and go to "Tracker Settings" then choose "Google Tag Manager".


Step 7

 Just paste the copied ID into the input box and click "Add" to save.

Step 8

If you want to embed third party tools through Google Tag Manager, for example Pop-up windows, Live chat features etc. We would suggest you to create a "Timer" Trigger first, and then add this trigger to your tag. Please follow the steps below:



After you have created the "Timer" Trigger, you could add a "Custom HTML" tag, and then add the "Timer" trigger with the tag. 

After you have saved the tag, you could press "Preview" to check the settings and then "Publish" the tag. 


Please be reminded that if you embed third party tools into your shop, it may affect SHOPLINE system functions. Issues such as slow browsing speed may result. SHOPLINE will not be responsible for such issues.

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