Changing/Cancellation of Subscription Plans

Changing Plans

To change your plan, merchants can go to your Dashboard, click on "My Plan" under the current plan section.


 The following "My Plans" page would show the subscribed plan and payment details.


Then, click on "upgrade" on the top right corner to proceed on with choosing the plan to change to. You will be redirected to the "Plans" page.



On the top side of the page, you can choose to do a "Monthly" or a "Yearly" subscription. Then, you can go on to choose the Basic, Advanced or Premium plan by clicking on "Choose Plan" under them. 

If you are currently on either Basic, Advanced or Premium plan, the remaining credits from your current plan would be applied to your new plan. Therefore, the date in which your new plan fees be deducted would be displayed. 


For e.g.

Your existing plan is Basic plan and you wish to change to Advanced plan yearly subscription. 

Your existing plan expires on 2015-09-08 with HK$XX.XX remaining unused and will count towards your new plan. Therefore, your card will only be charged the below amount on 2015-09-20. Please enter your credit card information and checkout to confirm the change to the new plan. This will cover your subscription from 2015-09-20 for 12 months.

If you click on your name on the top right corner of your admin panel, click on "Billling" , you can view your billing details. The status of the new plan billing would remain as "Open". 


Cancellation of Plans:

For plan cancellation, go to your Dashboard, click on "My Plan" under the current plan section.



At the bottom, you would see "To cancel plan, please click here".



 Click "here", then the below message box would popup.



Click "Confirm", then complete the steps afterwards. In order to provide users with better experience, there would be a three-step survey about our service before the official cancellation of the program. All suggestions and feedback will be recorded and delivered to our product team for future optimization. 

As a reminder, after you confirmed the cancellation of the plan:

  1. The storefront would be closed and the admin panel would not be accessible.
  2. Custom domains applied through SHOPLINE would be removed.


Please NOTE: Refund policy does not apply to Premium plan accounts with TWD. SHOPLINE only allows refunds within 7 days of purchase. Unfortunately no refunds will be accepted after 7 days, even if you have remaining months left on your annual plan. 






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