Bulk Upload Products


Attention before uploading file:

  • There are four fields you must fill in the bulk upload file. Please fill in the information  completely: Product Handle, Product Name (either Chinese or English), Valid image for main product image, Product description. You can not leave these fields blank or the file won’t be uploaded. Please download our template file and fill in the product information.
  • Besides those four fields above, we suggest that a complete product should contains Price, Quantity, Categories (either Chinese or English).E.g. if you do not fill in the price, our system will hide the price automatically after uploading. Customers can only send message to shop owner for purchasing。
  • Before import the file, please confirm all the content you are going to upload.
    If those products which you filled into the file are already exist in your shop, the system will still import those products and make the duplication in your shop.
  • This feature supports merchant to upload 100 products each time at most currently. ( It depends on the total amount of main products, not counts the product’s multiple variation. )


The following article will guide you through the procedure of uploading products in bulk via Excel sheet.

Step 1: Click "Bulk Import"

"Products and Categories" > "My Products" > Select "Import" drop down box > Click "Bulk Import"


Enter this page


Tip: If this is the first time you use this feature, we strongly recommend you download and read the instruction file (bulkupload_instruction.xlsx)


Step 2: Download the form

First download the form "my_upload_20170403.xlsx" and open it on your computer



Please be reminded that:

  • This form includes product information, descriptions, categories, price and options fields

  • Starting from Row 3, you can add a new product on every line

  • Please do NOT delete or change the columns of this form

  • Every new product should at least has Product Name, Product Description and Images. You can provide both Chinese and English version at the same time. If you wish to use only one language, please leave fields in other language in blank (Column B, D, F, H, L, Q, Y, AA, AC, AE)

  • Please make sure all categories you use are already configured in admin panel. Currently we cannot create new categories in bulk import (Column Q, R)

  • Please do NOT include space in your image links (Column O, P) 

  • We recommend you import no more than 100 products at the same time


Let’s see how to add a new product entry step-by-step


Step 3: Product Basic Information 

Column A: Product Handle is mandatory
Fill in the cell with a designated number and also for the following rows of the product's variation


Step 4: Product Name, Product Description, SEO, etc.

  • Column B~C: Product Name is mandatory.
    If you only have English version, please leave these Chinese fields blank.
  • Column D~E:Product Description 
    The format or performance of description on storefront could be changed by correspond HTML code.

    For instance, to see wrapped text, you could insert a code <br>._____2018-08-09___7.18.49.png
    Storefront would display texts like this after uploading:


  • Column F~J: Product SEO description
    It can be a simple sentence about your product. It will usually be shown on search engine like Google and social media sharing.

  • Column K: Preorder Item
    Filling “Y” in Preorder Item, this product will be published as a preorder item.

  • Column N: Status 
    Filling “Y” in Status will makes this product published automatically after import; “N” means making it as a draft without publishing the product yet.


You may also refer to the instruction excel file, as shown below, for the bulk upload format


Tips: Inputting description more than one line

If your product description is longer than one line, you can edit it first using Word Processor like Microsoft Word and then copy and paste it to Excel. Make sure that all description is in the correct cell.


Step 5: Images

You can add Images (used as thumbnails and primary pictures) and Additional Images (shown on More Information section after product description in product page) in bulk upload. 

*SHOPLINE has full updated the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), please remark your domain URL were changed into "https" at beginning to avoid some browsers block a not secure domain using "http" to load the page.

Please enter the URL of the image directly. If you have more than one image, please use a space to separate two URL.


Tips: How to Get the URL of Images

You can upload your images to online photo album supporting public links like imgur, Flickr, Facebook or search for photos directly on search engine. After uploading, you can open the photos in a new tab, right click and select “Copy Image URL” to copy the URL.

To learn how to upload images in imgur, refer this link for details


Step 6: Categories

Before adding new categories, please make sure that you have added corresponding categories in your admin panel ("Products and Categories"> "Categories")


There're a few scenarios of assigning products to categories you may want to know: 

  • Only assign to main category, input the name of the category directly e.g. Digitals
  • Assign to a sub category, use “>” to connect e.g. Digitals > Phone
  • Assign multi-categories to a product at the same time, use “#” to connect e.g. Digitals > Phone#Digitals > Trend

If you don't have Chinese Categories, no need to add on column J



Step 7: Price, SKU and Quantity

Fill in the Price, Sales Price, SKU and Quantity of your product

If you leave Quantity blank it means unlimited quantity


Step 8: Weight (kg)

If you are now using the newly launched set delivery fee by weight function, you may also add product weight (in kg) in the bulk upload sheet to help counting the delivery fee as order weight at checkout page

The default data of leaving it blank would show 0 kg



Step 9: Specification and Options

First you have to set the name of each specification e.g “Color” and “ROM”

Then fill in the corresponding variation name, quantity and price for each specification. 

Shop owner can edit SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of each specification right now to show inventory of each product clearly

If you are typing 

You can add more product variations to each product, according to add Variation A, Variation B, Variation quantity, Variation price and Variation SKU (SKU of each variation) from top to below.
After filling in the former product, the next product is on a following line. Add one product for a line.



Step 10: Upload Bulk Upload File

After finishing inputting all information > go back to SHOPLILNE admin panel > upload that file you've saved 


After uploading the file, you could preview items and check them are correct or not > click "Import products" button 




Page as below will be shown after products are successfully imported 



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