Shop & Facebook Page Integration



SHOPLINE will provides more marketing tools now and in future to help you promote your shops, boost traffic and attract visitors.

By now, you can import connect your shop to your Facebook page and promote your shop using Facebook’s advertising platform and to interact with the brand’s followers using Facebook page.


A. Shop & Facebook Page Integration

Step 1

Enter “Marketing” from the left sidebar, and click “Add Shop to Facebook Page”


Step 2

You will then be directed to Facebook. Choose the page of your platform, and click "Add Page Tab".


Step 3

Lastly, you can see “Shop Now” icon on Facebook Page. The customers can go to the SHOPLINE shop by clicking on “Shop Now”. FB_shop_en1.jpg


If you would like to custom your tag Image or name, Setting > Edit Page > edit "Show Now" > Edit settingsFB_shop_en2.jpg



If merchants hope to show their Facebook Page on customers’ News Feeds, they can contact Facebook Ad directly, or they can facilitate “Advertising on Facebook” on Facebook.


B. Adverts Manager

Step 1 : Go to “Advertising on Facebook ” on Facebook.



Step 2. Click “Create an Advert”.



Step 3. Choose your objective and enter related details.


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