Subscription Fees

For first time users, SHOPLINE provides a free 30-day trial period.

Merchants can consider to upgrade to our Basic, Advanced,  Premium plan or Enterprise after the trial period.


If you have not registered an account with SHOPLINE, you can view the details of the plans in “Pricing” on SHOPLINE website.


Basic Plan
Monthly: NT$999/HK$199/US$29
Yearly: NT$9,999/HK$2,150/US$310 (NT$833/HK$179/US$25 per month)

Advanced Plan
Monthly: HK$649/US$85 (Unavailable for NTD shops)
Yearly: NT$31,000/HK$6,996/US$910 (NT$2,583/HK$583/US$76 per month)

Premium Plan
Monthly: Plan Unavailable
Yearly: NT$55,000/HK$13,750/US$1,780 (NT$4,583/HK$1,150/US$148 per month)

Enterprise Plan
Please contact with E-commerce Consultant requesting for quotation  

If you have set up a shop on SHOPLINE, you can log in to SHOPLINE, click the button on the top right, click "My Plan & Billing" section to view the details. 

*Supported card: MaterCard, VISA
  Not yet Supported card: JCB, UnionPay

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