Order Management

To deal with more sophisticated order handling, we have recently launched the new order system. Besides original order status filter, more filter criteria have been added, merchants can now sort out the orders more clearly, and they can look for the orders more easily with multiple filters and keywords.

  1. View and update statuses

Available options for each type of filters are as follow:

  1. Order status: Open/ Confirmed/ Completed/ Canceled
  2. Payment status: Unpaid/ Paid/ Refunded
  3. Payment method : (Customized)
  4. Delivery status: Unfulfilled/ Fulfilled/ Arrived/ Collected/ Returned
  5. Delivery method : (Customized)
  6. Label / Report status : Labels Unprinted / Labels Printed / Stock Picking List Not Exported /Stock Picking List Exported / Order Invoice Not Exported / Order Invoice Exported   ("Label status" are for Taiwan only, and this filter will only appear in Family Mart B2C & 711 B2C Order management page)

When a customer places an order, both the customer and the merchant receive a notification email, where the default order status is open, payment status is unpaid, and delivery status is unfulfilled.

Merchant can view the orders and update the statuses.  For example, update payment status from “unpaid” to “paid”.

Before confirming the update, merchant can also check the box in the message to send a notification email about the update to the customer.

Click “Yes” to confirm update and send a notification email to the customer.

2. Search and filter orders

Merchant can now add multiple filters to sort orders.

Click “Add Filter” to choose from "Order Status", "Payment Status", "Payment Method", "Delivery Status", "Delivery Method", "Label/Report status" and the filter value, and the orders will be filtered.


After a filter is added, merchant can click “Add Filter” again to add more filters.



Merchant can also search with customer name, phone number, email, order number, or product name, with or without filters, and the orders matching all the conditions will be shown.


We created 3 default tabs, “Order is Open”, “Unpaid”, “Unfulfilled”, so that merchants can look up the orders falling into the categories more easily.



3. Change in notification emails

With the new order management system, there will be changes in notification emails about orders. Merchants will only get notification emails when there is a new order placed. When merchant changes status of the order, they can choose to send a notification email to customers, but the notification emails about status update will not be sent to merchant themselves.

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