Link a Domain by changing NameServers

If your hosting company do not provide DNS settings and URL Redirect service, we can assist you to setup FreeDNS service via third party provider Please follow the following steps to change your NameServers, and contact us once you have completed the settings.


Step 1: Login to your Registrar, and find the page to edit NameServers. 


Step 2: Replace existing fields with the following







For example, WCHOST equivalent:


Step 3:

Contact us via online chat directly or email once you have completed the settings.


** Please noted your DNS settings will be no longer valid in your hosting company, and it will affect your domain (e.g. email if you have any.

*** The Free NameSevers settings service is provided by a third party, regarding third party services, we are only able to offer limited support for settings.


We recommend you contact us beforehand if you have domain email settings, we will handle your case accordingly. 

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