Change Shop and Account Settings

This article contains:

1. Change shop logo and domain
2. Change the Shop's name and email address 

1. Change Shop logo and domain

Go to "My Brand" > Upload your shop's logo and set up the shop's domain there

You can pick your own unique domain name once you are upgraded to Basic, Advanced or Premium plan



Both "Shop Logo" and "Favicon" accepts .jpg/ .png format, suggested size:

  • Logo: 200 x 200 pixel
  • Favicon (seen beside the name of the website in the address bar and bookmarks): 32 x 32 pixel

You can also edit the free Basic Shop Address that comes with the trial version within free trial period


2. Change the Shop's name and email address

Go to "Shop Settings" > "Basic Settings" > Change the name and email address of your shop



Remarks: Click here to learn more about advanced email setting


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