View and export customer information

ENG_Prm_Adv.jpgThe article demonstrates functions regarding to customer

1. View individual customer information
2. Filter customer
3. Quick view customers who are members or accept marketing
4. Export customer report
5. Import customer


This is the overview of the customer list in admin panel:


1. View individual customer information

Click “View” on the right side of each row to view detailed information of each customer, including language, date added, total spend, phone numbers, and addresses. All the orders placed by the customer are shown as well 


2. Filter customer

There are 5 criteria in filtering customers. Click “Select a Filter” to perform the action: 

  • Is a member
  • Is blacklisted
  • Accepts marketing 
  • Joined recently
  • Membership tier


You can now search customers directly by inputting customer name, email or phone number to increase the flexibility 



More than one filters can be added to filter customers. 6 filters at maximum (including manual input search filter) can be set. The example below shows members who joined within the last month:


3. Quick view customers who are members or accept marketing

You may view customers who are members or accept marketing directly by clicking the tabs on top


4. Export customer report (Advanced Plan and Premium Plan Only)

Click "More" drop down box > Click “Export” button > You will be directed to Reports page where you can export "All Customers" Report > Soon you'll receive an email with excel download link for the report 


Exported report includes: Registration full name, email, registration date, language, number of orders, number of messages, accumulated purchased amount, is a member?, accepts marketing?, phone number, membership tier, membership expiry date, address, gender, birthday and the fields customized in "Customer Settings" (learn more from article Collect Customer Data)



5. Import Customer Report (Advanced Plan and Premium Plan Only) 

Click "More" drop down box > Click “Import” button

To import you have to first download excel file my_users_import.xlsx > Input data according to the instruction sheet within > Save and upload to admin panel

You will be directed to "Import History" page where you can view the import status, successful and failed import number > "Completed" status indicates your import attempt is successful 




Remarks: Customers who have placed an order on or before Jun 9, 2015 are categorised as members whether they have completed registration


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