Step 4: Setting Payment Options

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SHOPLINE has connections with numerous third-party payment service providers to offer you a wide range of payment options. 



1. Set up payment options

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Payment Options].



Step 2

Click Add to add your first payment option. There are two types of payment options: integrated and non-integrated.


1. Integrated payment options

You need to obtain approval and a set of exclusive API / Keys from the third-party payment service providers.

Examples: Bank SinoPac credit card (Taiwan), ECPay ATM virtual account (Taiwan), Stripe (Hong Kong / Malaysia)

Please contact your SHOPLINE online consultant to apply for payment options like Bank SinoPac and Taishin Bank credit cards. 

If you wish to use the payment gateway via SHOPLINE Payments, please refer to the SHOPLINE Payments application and contact the Online Merchant Success Team for application.


2. Non-integrated payment options

You can set up a bank transfer payment or pay at the store option on the Admin Panel.

Example: Pay at the store.

For details, please refer to Payment Options Introduction.


Step 3. Set up checkout amount condition

Select Total order Over under the option for "Condition of checkout amount".



Enter the minimum total amount for every checkout.


  • Total amount = Item Subtotal - Discount Applied - Applied Store Credits - Applied Point Discount + Delivery Fee + Tax + Payment Fee
  • The currency is preset to the currency set when the store was initially created.



Step 4. Example for reference

The example below demonstrates the setup process of the non-integrated "Bank Transfer" option:


  • Payment Instructions

You can enter any notes to help your customers complete the transaction process. If you check the box "Display these instructions on the checkout page" (shown by the red arrow), when the customer selects the payment option on the shopping cart page, the system will display this instruction. If it is not checked, customers will not see these instructions until the order is created. 

You can consider adding this "Bank Transfer" option and leave your bank details in the instruction field. Switch "ON" for the "Allow customers to upload payment transfer details" so that you can confirm the transfer after receiving the details from customers.  

  • Payment fee

Set a particular percentage or a fixed amount of payment fee if you wish to pass on payment processing fees to your customers.


  • According to the regulations of the authority, if an online store sets a one-time credit card payment option, surcharges are not supported. 
  • Calculation method for Payment fee: (Subtotal - Discount - Custom Discount + Delivery fee) x Payment fee rate (%). Credit Discounts and Member Point Cash Redemption are not included in the calculation.


Step 5. Excluded Delivery Options

Check the box(es) to exclude inapplicable delivery options. For example, if the delivery method of cash on delivery does not support post-delivery, the option for post-delivery can be excluded.



Step 5. Cancel Order by Customer

At the bottom of the payment settings page, merchants can allow customers to cancel orders by toggling the switch. For detailed instructions, please refer to the FAQ on Cancel Order By Customer|Order Management.


Remember to click Add in the lower right corner to save the set-up.


Payment option applies to all promotion campaigns 

After clicking Add, a window will pop up to ask if you wish to apply the option to all promotions. 


Select the option for whether to apply the delivery option to all valid promotion campaigns. You can go to the Promotions & Campaigns page for editing in the future.

Note: The scope of automatic application includes the following promotion before or during the promotion period: 

  • Promotions
  • Free Shipping 
  • Bundle Price

A prompt reminder will appear at the top right of the page, click the link to view the progress of applying the delivery option to promotions.


After the setup, the payment option will apply to all promotion campaigns.



2. Sorting

You can click and drag the "cross" button to change the sequence of the payment options.



Next, let's move on to Step 5: Adding Your First Product!


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