Google Analytics Setup

If you want more detailed analytics of the store, We recommend you to use Google Analytics. Please refer to this link for more information.


Step 1

Sign in to your Google Account and visit the Google Analytics Page. Since you have never set up Google Analytics before, you'll be asked to sign up for one.


Step 2

Fill in the details of your shop in the new page that shows up.

Note: Website URL must be your shop's custom domain URL.


Step 3

Pick your desired data sharing settings then click "Get Tracking ID". 


Step 4

Change the country to your desired location then click "I Accept".


Step 5

In the following page, copy the tracking ID as shown in the picture:


Step 6

Go back to your shop admin panel. Go into tracker settings and choose "Google Analytics".


Step 7

Just paste the tracking code in the input box below and you're all set up!



If you want even more advanced e-commerce analytics information, you can follow this tutorial to activate GA's e-commerce function. Please note that this advanced function is for basic plan/advanced plan/premium plan users only.

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