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SHOPLINE has released the "Print Comment Label" feature, allowing merchants to print out customers' comments during livestream. After confirming the order information with the customer, merchants can directly use the content of the comment label for shipping.

*Note: For more information on the printer installation and print comment label, please refer to the following FAQ.

This article will cover the following:


1. Print Comment Label Setup

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live]. Click the Settings button next to the "Print Comment Label."



i. Print Comment Label

In the "Print Comment Label" setting, you can switch on/off the "Print Comment Label" toggle.



When enabled, you will see the "print" icon on the livestream backend. Otherwise, It will be hidden.



ii. Automatically print comment label

Go to the livestream backend, click More Actions, and select "Settings of printing comments" from the drop-down menu.



Once enabled, the system will automatically print comment labels for keyword comments during the livestream.

You can switch on/off this feature before and during the livestream. You will be unable to change this setting once the livestream ends.




  • The system will only automatically print labels for "Keyword Comments" and "Winner's Comment."

  • You can switch on/off the feature before and during the livestream. This feature will be unavailable after the livestream ends.

  • Switching on/off the feature during the livestream will only apply to the latter comments. For example, if you switch off this feature during the livestream, the system will no longer automatically print the label for the keyword comments made after the changes.

  • The automatic label printing will be terminated once the livestream ends.

  • The system will not synchronize the on/off setting made from "different device" or "same device but different browser."
    • If Staff A enables this feature on a livestream from computer 1, Staff B who enters the livestream from computer 2 will not simultaneously have the feature enabled, unless Staff B enables the feature manually.
    • Special circumstances: If the staff member simultaneously enables this feature for the same livestream through Chrome and Safari, it will automatically print out two sets of comment labels. Under normal circumstances, the system will only print out 1 set of comment labels.

  • Once the feature is enabled, the performance of your browser might slow down due to the large number of comments.


iii. Comment Label Content

In the "Print Comment Label" settings, click the Set up button under the "Comment Label Content."



a. Label Type

You can select "Continuous printing paper" or "Rectangular label (Thermal label)."



Label type:



b. Label Size

  • Continuous printing paper: You can set up the label width.8.png

  • Rectangular label (Thermal label): You can set the label width and height.

Label size:



c. Label Layout

You can select "Loose" or "Compact" layouts.

  • Loose layout

  • Compact layout

d. Label Content

You can set up the information to be included on the label. If the information is not available, it will not be displayed.


The preview on the right page is for reference only. The result is subject to the actual printing.

Once completed, click on the Save button on the bottom right and reload the page for the setting to be applied.


You can test print in advance to check out the result. Then, you can directly print the label on the "Comment List" and "Comment Management" pages.


2. Notes

i. If you use the Windows OS and change the label settings (type, size, etc.) in the SHOPLINE Admin, please also customize the setting on the printer drive.

Once you connect the printer, please go to [Settings] > [Manage printer] on your computer.

*Reminder: The setting method for each printer might vary. The following example is for reference only.

  • Select "Type" to choose the label type.

  • Select "Page Setup" to customize the label type and size.
    *If you are choosing the continuous label type, you can freely set up the height.



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