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To apply this and other POS features, please contact our Merchant Success Team.

Merchants can cancel, and return SHOPLINE Payments POS e-wallet orders from the POS app. 

To cancel or return non-SHOPLINE Payments POS payment orders, please refer to Cancel and Delete Orders | POS AdminReturn and Refund | POS AppReturn and Refund | POS Admin.

This article will cover the following:


1. Cancel an order on the POS app

A. Cancellation steps

Step 1

On the POS app, tap Orders on the left menu bar and select the SHOPLINE Payments POS e-wallet order you want to cancel. Tap the drop-down list at the top right, and select Cancel Order.


Step 2

Select a staff in charge of the cancellation.

Step 3

Fill in the reason for cancellation and tap OK


Step 4

It will display "Cancelled successfully" on the POS app. Tap OK to complete. Refunds will be credited back to the customer's e-wallet via the original payment method. 


*Note: The refund takes 5 working days to process. The payment status will appear as "Refund successful" on the POS app. Please wait for 5 business days for the final results to be confirmed. 



B. Refund failed

When the cancelled e-wallet order fails to refund, you can only refund it manually. Please contact the SHOPLINE Online Merchant Success Team for assistance. 1.5_EN.PNG


2. Return an order on the POS app

Here are the rules for refunding e-wallet orders (similar to the refund rules for the Adyen terminal).

Please refer to the Return order steps below.

*Refund rules for E-wallet (supports Alipay code-scanning payment)

1. Refund amount ≤ original paid amount
2. Supports returning orders on POS app and POS Admin
3. E-wallet payments can only be returned to
the original payment method (i.e., Alipey payment
will be returned to the same Alipay account)
4. Non-credit card payments can be returned as
other non-credit card methods (i.e., cash payment
can be returned as gift card)

Example 1. Full return

  • Scenario: Purchase 1 $150 product. Pay off the $150 deposit for the preorder with Alipay.
  • Refund: Only supports a full refund of $150 to the original payment method.

Example 2. Partial return

  • Scenario: Purchase 3 $50 products. Pay a $100 deposit for the preorder by Alipay and settle with $50 cash.
  • Refund: Supports "full refund of $150 " or "partial refund of $50 / $100."


A. Return order steps

Step 1

On the POS app, tap Orders on the left menu bar and select the order to return. Tap the drop-down list at the top right and select Return.


Step 2

Select the operator for the order return.

Step 3

Select the product for return. This step varies with a full return and partial return


a. Full return

Tap Next to view the return detail.

*Note:  Both full returns and partial returns are available for orders paid by Alipay code-scanning payment.


Double-check the return detail and tap Refund. Then, follow Step 4 below to process on the terminal. 2.4_EN.PNG


Descriptions on the Refund Details page:

  • Discount: Not applicable for the full return.
  • Payment fee: If a payment fee is set up, the system will refund the payment fee to the customers during a full return.
  • Refund method: Automatically apply the original SHOPLINE Payments POS payment method.
  • Return reason: You can enter the return reason.


b. Partial return

You can process a partial return for orders paid by e-wallet (e.g., Alipay). A prompt reminder for the partial refund will appear on the POS app. Tap + or - to edit the return quantity or you can enter the quantity manually (more than 0 and no more than the purchased quantity). You can also tap Return all to return the whole order. Once you are done, tap Next to view the return detail.



Double-check the Return Detail page. You can select the refund method and enter the discount amount for a partial refund.


Descriptions for the Return Detail page:

  • Discount
    You can customize discounts for a partial return. Tap the pencil icon and enter the discount amount (no more than the paid amount).



  • Payment fee
    If a payment fee is set up, the system will not automatically refund the payment fee during a partial refund.


  • Refund method
    Tap Choose Refund Method to select the available refund method.
    *Note: If the order is paid with a credit card, it will only display the credit card as the refund method.


  • Return reason
    You can enter the return reason.

Once you are done, tap Refund. Then, please follow Step 4 below to process the terminal. 2.9_EN.PNG

Step 4

Wait for the POS app to create the return order for completion. Refunds are expected to arrive within 5 working days. 



B. Refund failed

If the return and refund fail, you can follow the steps similar to cancelling an order. Please refer to the B. Refund failed section above.


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