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With SHOPLINE's product review feature, you can adjust the rules for writing online store reviews, such as uploading review images, offering Product Review Rewards, etc. Invite customers to provide genuine feedback to impress future customers and drive more sales to your online store.

⚠️ Note: This feature does not support the Layout engine editor. If your store has an editor enabled, please contact the Online Merchant Success Team for assistance.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Manage product reviews

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Products & Categories] > [Product Reviews] to see all product reviews on the online store.



Step 2

Click the drop-down menu at the top left to adjust the sorting order.



Step 3

Click Hide to hide the product review. You can also select multiple review entries to change their publish status in bulk.



2. Product review setting

Click the Product Review Setting button.

To learn more about manually creating reviews (shown in the blue button), please see Manually-created and Import Product Reviews.



On the setting page, you will find three features - "Auto hide reviews," "Publish product review media," and "Product Review Reward."

*Note: Remember to click the Update button to save the changes.



1. Auto hide review

Once you switch on the toggle, reviews that score within the selected number of stars will be hidden from the online storefront. 


  • The feature hides all new reviews with 1-3 stars by default.
  • The setting will only apply to newly submitted reviews. To adjust the display of past reviews, please see Step 3. EN6.png


2. Publish product review media

The system defaults to text product reviews. Please switch on this feature if you want customers to include images for reviews and show their images at the storefront.

  • "Publish Product Review Media" & "Upload Product Review Media" are OFF
    This is the system's default mode. Customers can only use text to comment on products; the product detail page will only display text product reviews.

  • "Publish Product Review Media" ON; "Upload Product Review Media" OFF
    Customers can only use text to comment on products, and can no longer upload images, but the previous image product reviews will still appear on the product detail page of the online store.

  • "Publish Product Review Media" & "Upload Product Review Media" are ON
    Customers can use text and upload images to review products, and the online store product detail page will also include all text and image product reviews.



3. Product Review Reward

To encourage customers to write reviews, you can switch on this toggle and use store credits and member points as incentives to reward customers who complete their reviews.


  • This feature is available for stores using the CRM - Credits module. 
  • Please make sure the store credits master toggle ([Customer Management] > [Store Credits]) has been switched on to offer the reward.
  • Please make sure the member points master toggle ([Customer Management] > [Member Points]) has been switched on to offer the reward.
  • The Product Review Reward is based on the entire order; customers can get the reward after completing all product reviews of the order.

A. Store credits

If you select store credit for the reward type, please set the credit amount and validity period, and click Update after completion.



B. Member points

Please set the point amount if you select store credit for the reward type. Click Update after completion.

*Note: The validity period of reward member points is the same as the point expiry date you set in Points Settings.

To learn more about setting the point expiry date, please see Member Points.



3. How customers submit reviews

Step 1

If the customer has signed up as an online store member and has an order status as "Completed, "they can click the Write a review on the Order page to start the review.

*Note: If you have not switched on the toggle for Product Review Reward, the reminder "Get xx member points/store credits after review" will not appear.



Step 2

Customers can rate the product from 1 to 5 stars and write a review within 200 characters. If you have enabled the "Upload Product Review Media" feature, customers can also upload up to 9 images.

Click Send to submit the review.

*Note: The star rating is required, while the comment and image are optional.



Step 3

After sending the review, the system will jump to the review completion page.

*Note: If you have not switched on the toggle for Product Review Reward, the reminder "Congeats and you will get xx store credits/member points later" will not appear.



Customers can browse the product reviews under "Customer Reviews" on the product detail page of the online store.



4. View the record of the Product Review Reward

*Note: This feature is available for online stores using Product Review Reward.

Customers who have left reviews can see their reward record in the Member Points/ Store Credits tab in the Member Center.



You can also check the reward record by going to [Customer Management] > [Customers] > View > Member Points/ Store Credits section.



5. Notes

  • Customers can get rewards for each sub-order product review if they check out products with multiple attributes. Please see this article to learn more about checking out multiple product attributes.

  • Customers cannot leave product reviews for the following order cases:
    • Smart OMO orders
    • Open API orders
    • POS return orders
    • Orders with only custom products in the online store
    • Orders with only free gifts
    • SHOPLINE Admin > [Customer Management] > [Customers] > Import Report.

  • Hidden/Deleted reviews will not be calculated in the total rating and the total number of products.
  • Add-on products and gifts do not support customer reviews.



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