GOGOX Next Day Delivery Introduction and Application

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In this article, you'll find the features of GOGOX Next Day Delivery Service:


1. Service features

GOGOX is Asia's first app-based logistics platform committed to providing diversified and one-stop services, solving your various shipping needs, and redefining the daily logistics process. 

  • Domestic package delivery within Hong Kong.
  • Door-to-door package delivery.
  • Create delivery orders, track logistic status, and download the delivery receipt form online.


2. Application process

Step 1. Create a SHOPLINE monthly account

To use GOGOX, you must first open a SHOPLINE LOGISTICS-OneShip monthly account. The application process is as follows:

  • Proceed to the link: https://marketing.oneship.io/hk/sign-up and submit your application.
  • Merchants using a OneShip postpaid account will be charged by SHOPLINE for monthly shipping charges and monthly value-added service fees (if any). You can choose one of the following two payment methods:
    i. Authorized bank account automatic transfer fee (Recommended)
    ii. Pay a deposit of $10,000, and the monthly bill can be paid by bank transfer/credit card (3% credit card surcharge).


A. Authorized bank account automatic transfer fee

Please download and fill in the attached "Direct Debit Authorization Form" and mail it along with the following documents to SHOPLINE's office address: Room 1801-7 and 1809-21, Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong(Attn.: MS Team).

Once we receive your documents, we will assist you with the subsequent application steps as soon as possible.

Apply as a company Copy of Business Registration Certificate
Apply as an individual

Copy of the applicant's identity card

Copy of bank statement in the applicant's name within the past three months


  • The bank account information in the Direct Debit Authorization Form must match the company or individual merchant name selected in the application form.
    • You can send the form to SHOPLINE for confirmation before sending the documents.
    • If the Direct Debit Authorization Form information is incorrect or incomplete, please redo it and mail it again.
    • If you have applied for other logistics services and submitted relevant documents before, please contact SHOPLINE for confirmation.


B. Pay a deposit of $10,000

If you choose to pay the monthly deposit of $10,000 with a bank transfer/ by credit card, please obtain the company's bank account information from SHOPLINE to pay the deposit.

Once we receive your documents, we will assist you with the subsequent application steps as soon as possible.

*Note: OneShip currently does not integrate GOGOX delivery.


Step 2. Create a GOGOX account

It will take approximately 5-10 business days for SHOPLINE and GOGOX to confirm and process your application. Once completed, SHOPLINE will send the login information and delivery guidelines to your mailbox.

*Note: If you need to apply for GOGOX Delivery Service, please contact SHOPLINE Online Merchant Success Team for assistance.


3. Shipping process

Go to https://els.gogox.com/#/ and log in to GOGOX. Enter the email and password provided by SHOPLINE.



i. Account Setting

Once logged in, you will see the overview dashboard of the created orders.



In the GOGOX platform, you can also find 5 main features:

i. Account Setting: You can add address information and change your password.
ii. Create Order: You can create or bulk-create orders.
iii. Upload Orders: You can bulk upload orders.
iv. Shipment Table Summary: You can check the shipping status.
v. Shipment Table: You can track the order status.



In the "Address Book" tab, you can view all addresses you have created before.



You can also switch on the "Default" toggle to set it as the default pick-up or drop-off address.



ii. Create an order

You can create orders by:

i. Manual creation
ii. Excel batch upload



To create an order manually, please fill in the information and create the order individually.



To bulk upload the addresses, select the service type (Pick Up or Drop Off) and download the excel template. Once you have filled in all the information, upload the excel file to complete.




You can find the created/ uploaded orders in the "Shipment Table."



Shipment Table Summary

In the Shipment Table Summary, you can export and download the summary in Excel format of the shipment details. 



Shipment Table

In the Shipment Table, you can view and check the order status. 



In the Shipment Table, you can do the following:

  1. Search by date
  2. Search by order status
  3. Search by customer's internal ref. No. (customer's own internal reference) or by Order Ref. No. (the tracking number released by the courier)
  4. Edit columns by adding/dropping/changing the column sequence



You can click the “detailed box” on the left to check the order status. You can also print out the ePOD/ Delivery note if necessary.image4.png


Once you click on the "detailed box," a detailed tracking window will appear. If you click the Map button, you can check the courier's location (when the order is in-transit), name, plate number, and mobile number.



If the courier takes any pictures during the delivery, they will also show up here.



4. Monthly freight

SHOPLINE will charge the monthly shipping fee based on the actual shipping amount.


  • The final shipping fee will be subject to GOGOX.
  • The monthly freight receipt will be sent to your mailbox at the end of every month. If you need to edit your email address, please get in touch with our Online Merchant Success Team.


5. Notes

Delivery and Cut-off Time

Pick-up and drop-off days: Monday - Friday (excludes public holidays)

  • Pick-up
    Cut-off time: 12 PM
    Pick-up time after cut-off: 2 PM - 6 PM

  • Drop-off
    Next-day delivery time
    • Industrial area: 10 AM - 6 PM
    • Residential area: 10 AM - 11 PM


Delivery Coverage

GOGOX delivers to all areas in Hong Kong, excluding:

  • No delivery to these areas, including but not limited to:
    • Remote islands: Lantau Island (except Tung Chung and Discovery Bay), Peng Chau, Hei Ling Chau, Lamma Island, Po Toi, Cheung Chau, Ngong Ping, Hong Kong International Airport, etc.
    • All restricted areas (except Ma Wan), port areas, Disneyland, Ocean Park, logistics warehouses, transit warehouses, warehouses that need to wait in line for pick-up or drop-off, and warehouses that need to pay entry/admission fees.
  • Delivery arrangements for remote areas (Ma Wan, Discovery Bay, and Tung Chung): Deliveries are on Wednesdays. If Wednesday falls on a holiday, the delivery will be made within two working days after the holiday.
  • Sai Kung: Deliveries are on every Thursday. If Thursday falls on a holiday, the delivery will be made within two working days after the holiday.
  • Delivery to Sai Kung District is only available for the following areas: Sai Kung City Center, Hebe Haven, Ko Fu Building, Ko Shing Building, Lake Court, Lakeside Garden, Ming Shun Village, Park Mediterranean, Sai Kung Building, Sai Kung Garden, Sai Kung Town Centre, The Mediterranean, Tui Min Hoi Village, Hing Keng Shek, Ho Chung, Marina Cove, Mok Tse Che, Nam Wai, Pak Kong, Ta Ho Tun, Ta Ku Ling, Tai Chung Hau, Bay View Lodge, Kap Pin Long, Kau Sai Chau, La Caleta, Nam Shan, Pak Kong Au, Po Lo Che, Sha Kok Mei, Tai Mong Tsai, Tai Ping Village, Tan Cheung, Ha Yeung Village, Hang Hau Village, Mang Kung Uk, Pan Long Wan, Po Toi O Chuen, Sheung Sze Wan, Sheung Yeung Village, Shui Bin Tsuen, Tai Hang Hau Village, Tai Wan Tau, Tin Ha Wan Village, Ma Yau Tong, Mao Wu Tsai Village, Mount Pavilia, Pik Shui Sun Tsuen, Tai Po Tsai, Tseng Lan Shue, Tseung Kwan O Village, Yau Yue Wan Resite Village, Hoi Ha Wan, Ko Lau Wan, Pak Sha O, Shap Sze Heung, Wong Chuk Yeung, Yung Shue O.

*Note: GOGOX reserves the right and flexibility to adjust the delivery schedule to remote areas.


Size Limits

The pricing table specifies that the parcel's total length, width, and height must be less than 180 cm.

  • If the parcel exceeds 100 cm on one side, you will be charged an extra $20. The length should be at most 120 cm.
  • The parcels' total length, width, and height should be at most 180 cm, or you will be charged an extra $20. The total size of the shipment should be at most 220 cm.

GOGOX reserves the right to examine the parcel's weight and volume during pick-up. If the actual weight and size differ from what was reported, GOGOX may update the report without prior notice. The final weight and size are subject to the GOGOX report.


Weight limitation

  • For shipments exceeding 25 KG, it will cost an extra $25 for every 10 KG. The maximum weight for each parcel is 45 KG.
  • If the parcel exceeds 45 KG, GOGOX has the right to reject and return the parcel. A shipping fee might be incurred.

GOGOX reserves the right to examine the parcel's weight and volume during pick-up. If the actual weight and size differ from what was reported, GOGOX may update the report without prior notice. The final weight and size are subject to the GOGOX report.


Additional Fees

For every parcel pick-up with fewer than 8 orders, you will be charged a one-off charge of $20.

The drop-off address should have a direct elevator (we only deliver to the building's main gate with less than 20 staircases). For addresses without a direct elevator, you will have to pick up the parcels at the ground level. If you need to deliver upstairs, GOGOX will charge an extra $40 per floor (max. 20 staircases per floor).

⚠️ Notes:

  • GOGOX does not provide payment on delivery.
  • Regardless of the unit amount, it will be considered as one delivery.



  • GOGOX may compensate up to $5000 (https://www.gogox.com/hk/compensation/).
  • GOGOX is not responsible for any other type of losses (including but not limited to loss of profits, income, interest, and prospective business), regardless of special or indirect loss and whether GOGOX is aware or unaware of the risk when receiving the shipment.

For more details on the compensation coverage, please refer to this attachment.

*Note: For any dispute over the compensation, the decision by GOGOX shall be final.


6. FAQ

Is there any requirement for the packaging?

  • Once the order is made, please print the label and stick it in a visible place. Shipment without a label will not be processed.
  • The sender must ensure the parcel is properly wrapped and the good is filled in completely.
  • If GOGOX suspects any abnormal parcels (including but not limited to the sound of broken pieces, wet packaging, and contrabands), GOGOX has the right to inspect, delay the delivery, or destroy the parcel.
  • GOGOX will confirm the information with the sender before shipments if:
    • The pick-up amount does not match the reported amount
    • The delivery/ pick-up note is unclear and does not match the selected time
    • Incomplete or incorrect addresses
  • If the above situation persists, GOGOX has the right to decline the delivery.
  • If GOGOX finds parcels containing contrabands, GOGOX has the right to notify relevant authorities. 


How long is the pick-up waiting time?

For the efficiency of GOGOX delivery, the sender should have counted and prepared the parcels by the pick-up time.

The GOGOX courier will contact the sender upon departure and wait at most 5 minutes after arriving. If the courier fails to collect the shipment after 5 minutes, the courier has the right to leave after notifying the sender. The pick-up failure will be recorded in the system.


Prohibited Products

The following are lists of prohibited products:

  • Weapons (including simulators), ammunition, control devices, and explosives.
  • Flammable and explosive substances.
  • Oxidizing agents (oxides and peroxides)
  • Drugs, drug paraphernalia, narcotic drugs & psychotropic substances for non-appropriate use, DIY toxic chemicals for non-appropriate use, and toxic substances.
  • Biochemical products and infectious substances.
  • Corrosive and radioactive substances.
  • Counterfeit and forgeries (altered currency, marketable security, documents, seals, etc.).
  • Currency and marketable security.
  • Infringement of intellectual property rights and counterfeit goods.
  • Indecent and obscene materials of any form (printed items, photographs, books containing offensive and obscene text, images, and cover).
  • Animals and plants, especially endangered wildlife of all kinds, and their products.
  • Tobacco and its products.
  • Valuable items (artwork, antiques, precious stones, and precious metals).
  • Other prohibited items as defined by law and any goods deemed illegal by GOGOX.


Can I cancel the order?

Before the courier is reached the drop-off address, you can contact the GOGOX hotline (3590-5885) to cancel the order without being charged shipping costs.


What to do if the recipient fails to receive the shipment?

GOGOX courier will deliver at the stated time and contact the recipients upon departure. The courier will directly go to the recipient's address if they fail to contact the recipient.

GOGOX offers a second attempt delivery for free. If the recipient fails to receive the shipping, GOGOX will return the shipping to the original address unless a special request is made.

If the sender requests a third attempt delivery, GOGOX will charge an additional shipping fee for the third and subsequent delivery.






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