WhatsApp Data Analysis

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Merchants can view WhatsApp data with SHOPLINE's "WhatsApp Data Analysis."

*Note: The data analysis report is approximate and may differ slightly from the data on your settlement report due to minor differences in the data processing.


1. Data analysis overview

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Channel Integration] > [WhatsApp]. In the "Connected WhatsApp Business Account" section, you can view the Connected mobile number, Status, Quality, and Mobile number display name.

*Note: For details on WhatsApp Business Account integration, please refer to the following article.



Scroll down the page and click on the Data Analysis tab to view the data:

A. Select the data range

  • Select the WhatsApp message recipient by country/region
  • Select the date range for the analysis



B. Metrics

  • Total number of conversations
  • Total cost of conversations (in USD)
  • Paid conversations
  • Free conversations: For more details, please refer to the "Free Tier Conversations" and "Free Entry Points Conversations" sections in this article.



C. Export conversation data

Click on the Export data button, and you will be directed to the SHOPLINE Admin > [Report & Analytics] > [Report Export] > [WhatsApp Report] to export the WhatsApp report. Please refer to the following article for more details.





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