Discount Code Element

ECSC.pngShopper_App_EN.pngWhen editing the app homepage, you can display a Discount Code element on the app homepage by adding a "Discount code element", and you can also adjust the position of the element.

⚠️Before you start: 
  • If you want to use the Discount Code element, you need to set the coupon in SHOPLINE Admin > [Promotions & Reward] first. Currently, the Discount Code element only supports 'Single Coupon Code" and "Get Coupon Link". 


1. Add Discount Code element

Step 1

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Mobile App Management] > [App Design] and click Setting to enter the "Current Template" and set up the Discount Code element. 



Step 2

Click the Add an element button.



Step 3

Select the Discount Code element and drag it to the location suggested in the preview section. If the Discount Code element appears in the preview, it means that the new element was successfully added.



2. Edit the Discount Code element

Step 1

Click the drop-down menu to select the discount code you want to display, or you can directly enter the name of the discount code to search.

*Note: If you do not set coupons in SHOPLINE Admin > [Promotions & Reward], you will not get any discounts here; the display of a "Single Coupon Code" and "Get Coupon Link" is slightly different; you can check the middle preview section.



Step 2

Set the title; it is recommended that you enter the discount type of the discount code. 



Step 3

Set the description. If it is a "Single Coupon Code", it is recommended to instruct members to copy the discount code; if it is a "Get Coupon Link" type discount code, it is recommended to instruct members to claim the discount coupon.



Step 4

Set the display button. The button is on by default. After the toggle is switched on, enter the button title. If you are using "Single Coupon Code", it is recommended to enter "Shop Now"; if you are using "Get Coupon Link", it is recommended to enter "Claim Now".



Step 5

You can enter the link URL or select a page to set a jump link. The default page is the homepage or event page of the online store.



Step 6

Once you have confirmed the settings, you can click Save to update the elements. If you have finished all the editing on the app's home page, you can click Update to update the app.







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