Sales & Promotions: Reward credits upon minimum order purchase




Merchants can create different promotional campaigns with discount incentives to maximize their sales and profit.

And you can auto reward "Store Credits" to members who purchased a certain minimum amount at your shop and encourage your members to continue spending at your shop next time.


Steps to set up "Store Credits"

Step 1:Go to "Customer Management" Tab

Select "Store Credits" 


Step 2: Set Reward Credits upon Total Minimum Order Amount Purchase

Under "Store Credits", you can turn on the toggle button for reward credits.

Then you can set up the purchase condition (minimum amount for each order) , credit amount and validity period for reward credits. If there is no validity period and the credits will not expire, please tick the box "Never Expires".




You can set "Discount Amount" or "Percentage%" as your credit type.


Discount Amount

When you set "Discount Amount" as your credit type, this rule is non-recurring for single order purchase, i.e. Spend $100 and get 10 credits, spend $200 and still get 10 credits.
Please tick "Cumulative Reward Credits" for recurring calculation, i.e. Get 10 credits for every $100 customers spend. Spend $100 and get 10 credits, spend $200 and get 20 credits.
When you have finished setting reward credits, please press "update" to complete settings. 


When you set "Percentage%" as your credit type. Customers will spend $100 and get 100*5%=5 credits, spend $200 and get 200*5%=10 credits.
*Credits will be calculated to integer.

When settings are setup, system will start checking and rewarding.

System will send credits to members whose orders are in "paid" status and meet minimum order amount requirement.

System will send email notification to notify member(s) of the credit rewarded and credit rewarded will also be recorded under Credit History section.




Please note:

1. System will only send credits to members when their orders are in "Paid" status and have met minimum order amount requirement.

2. Rewarding credit only applies exclusively to members, members must be logged in during checkout to be entitled to get rewarded. If the customer ticks "I want to become a member" during checkout, he/she will not be considered as logged in and thus, even if the order amount meets minimum purchase condition, the customer will not receive reward credits.

3. If the order was edited/split when its payment status is "Unpaid", system will determine whether sending credits or not based on the edited order amount after parent order's status is changed to "Paid".

4. Reward credits will NOT be handled in split child orders.


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