Show promotion campaign information on product details page

To provide a better view to show promotions and attract customers to shop more, you can enable the “Show promotion campaign information on product details page” feature. When customer browsing product page, he/she can see the promotion that can be applied to this main product. Customer may upsell when they see campaigns including “purchase over 1000 and get 10% discount”.

Note: For shops using custom css, please review the storefront design again after you enable the feature.

Admin Settings

  • Admin > Shop Design > Advanced Settings > Preference > Enable “Show promotion campaign information on product details page”
  • After you check the tickbox and update the advanced settings page, the product page(s) in your shop will show relevant promotion campaign information immediately.


Shop Display

  • All the customers can see the promotion campaign information on product page. The information is just a note for customers, and does not mean the final promotion which been applied to the product. The promotion will be applied when customer go to the shopping cart page.
  • For more details about promotions, please refer to Sales & Promotions: Discount FAQ.
  • The promotion information includes:
    • Discount
    • Free Gift
    • Free Shipping
  • The promotion information does not include:
    • Coupon Type Promotions
  • Display
    • End Date: If there’s no end date, it won’t show this part
    • Apply to: All Products, Selected Products
    • Place: under product name
    • Format: {End Date} {Apply to} {Promotion Name}
    • Amount of display: It shows 2 promotions as default on product page. If there’s more than 2 promotions for that product, it would show “Show more” to let you click and see all the promotions.
    • Sorting: Promotion with latest end date will be on the top.


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