How to Use Message Center



Message center is SHOPLINE's latest message management UI which allows merchant to easily manage their shop and order messages in one page.



A. Introduction to Message Center

In the old message page, it only shows shop message but the new message center now shows both shop and order messages. Messages will be arranged date and time in descending order. Unread messages will be placed at the top of the list while read messages will be displayed below unread messages.



Clicking shop messages will redirect to individual chat detail pages, UI design will remain the same.



Clicking into an order message will redirect to the corresponding order details page, UI design will remain the same. You can directly read the customer's comment under Comments section.



B. Search and Filter Messages

Merchants can now use multi search and filters to find messages.

Step 1

Merchant can use multi filters to find certain messages.

Click "Message Status", choose "Unread" / "Starred" / "Archived status(es) and you can immediately filter messages that fulfill the selected status(es).



Step 2 

Apart from adding filters, merchant can search for messages by typing the customer name, email or order number in the search field on the left.



Step 3

For easier management, we have preset "Order Message" and "General Message" filter tabs. Merchant can directly click these two tabs to check for corresponding messages.




C. Bulk Manage Messages ( Star/ Unstar and Archive)

Merchants can now bulk star important messages or archive unwanted messages.

Merchant can select more than one message and then click "Bulk Actions".



Star/ Unstar

Choose " Star " to label specific message with a yellow star next to it.



Similarly, click "Unstar" to get rid of the yellow star next to the message.


Archive Message*

Choose "Archive" to archive specific message. These messages will not appear in message list.


* Please note:

1. Archived messages can be viewed again by filtering "Message Status" > "Archived"

2. If merchant or customer replies to any archived message, this message will be placed back into message center for viewing and replying.





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