Delivery Fee by Weight: Notice and Frequently Asked Questions



Q1. I couldn't edit the Delivery Fee Type, why?

Please create a new delivery option in order to setup Delivery fee by weight in Delivery Fee Type. Once the setting has been saved, the "Delivery Fee Type" cannot be edited.


Q2. I have a number of products that need to add in the weight, can I update the product weight by batch?

We do not support to bulk update product weight at the moment; this feature will be in our next phase to be developed. If you need any assistance in updating the product weight for a number of products, please contact online support.


Q3. Will the weight be shown on product detail page on my storefront?

No, the weight will not be shown on product detail page. We would suggest to add the information into Product Description if you would like to provide the related information to your customers.


Q4. Will be total weight of products be shown on the checkout page?

No, the total product weight will not be shown on the checkout page. We would suggest to create a page for the product weight and delivery cost details for your customers' reference.


Q5. I have created a new delivery options, any other settings require update?

Yes, if you have promotion running in your shop, and the promotion can be apply on the new delivery option, please update it in "Sales & Promotion" settings.


Q6. How can I bulk upload the products with product weight?

You can download the "Bulk Import" template for you to fill in the product weight for the products and upload it. 

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