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Merchants can now set "Inventory Out-of-Stock Reminder" for any product. When the quantity of a product reaches zero, SHOPLINE system will send an "Inventory Out-of-Stock Report" at 8:00 am and 17:00 pm every day. It's now a lot more convenient for you to control your product inventory.


Setting Inventory Out-of-Stock Notification Email 

Setting Inventory Out-of-Stock Reminder

Send Inventory Out-of-Stock Report

Inventory Out-of-Stock Report Example



Setting Inventory Out-of-Stock Notification Email

  1. Please go to Admin Panel > Settings > Basic Settings, and click the "Advanced Settings".
  2. Enter the email address you'd like to receive the inventory Out-of-Stock reminder email in the "Inventory Out-of-Stock Notification Email" field.
  3. Click "Update" button to save your settings.



Setting Inventory Out-of-Stock Reminder

A. Respective Setting

  1. Please go to Admin Panel > Products and Categories > Products, and click "Edit" button to go to the product edit page.
  2. Click the "Settings" tab, and set "Inventory Out-of-Stock Reminder" to "Yes".
  3. Click "Update" button to save your settings.


B. Bulk Setting

  1. Please go to Admin Panel > Products and Categories > Inventory.
  2. Select the products you want to set, then click the button “Bulk Actions”.


C. Default Setting

  1. If turned on, when adding new product, the out of stock reminder will be turned on automatically.
  2. Place: Please go to Admin Panel > Settings > Order Settings > Out of Stock Reminder > Click "Update" button to complete setting.
  3. At this phase default setting does not support bulk import new product.



Send Inventory Out-of-Stock Report

  1. SHOPLINE system will create the "Inventory Out-of-Stock Report" and send it by e-mail to the "Inventory Out-of-Stock Notification Email" email address.
  2. Click the "Download" button in the email to download the inventory Out-of-Stock report.

    ▸ Remark: If there is no "out of stock" product when the system builds the report, the system will not send the inventory Out-of-Stock report.



Inventory Out-of-Stock Report Example

    ▸ Remark: If the product doesn't have the inventory Out-of-Stock reminder turned ON, or the inventory level is not "0", the product will not be included in the report. 



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