【SSL Enforcement】 Checklist for HTTPS URL Update


After SSL service has been fully enforced on all custom domains, all domains will be encrypted with HTTPS and any website address including that of HTTP will all be redirected to HTTPS version. If you have installed any third party tools, you may need to do some manual updates for the URLs. Please take a look below for the different things that you may need to update (order according to importance):



First please update and make sure all in-store URLs have been updated to HTTPS URLs

Example: In your page edit, Products Description, you may have added a page link to your carousel banner. That will require update to HTTPS page link manually ,otherwise,  the images won't be loaded because of SSL encrypted environment.


If you have set up Facebook Login for Customers in your shop, please update

  • Login to https://developers.facebook.com/ and click Dashboard > Setting > Basic
  • Please enter your shop domain with HTTPS (e.g. https://www.yourshopname.com) in the App Domains field and click "Save Changes".




If you are using Google Webmaster , please update HTTPS property

  • Click the red button "Add Property"


  • Select type as "Website" and fill in your shop domain with HTTPS (e.g. https://www.yourshopname.com) and then click "Add"


  • You will need to verify your domain in the next step. Choose "Alternative Methods". You can choose to use "HTML meta tag" and provide the meta tag to our Customer Support team to help you add in the tag in your shop. Press "verify" after adding the meta tag. If you already have been using Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, you can choose these two methods to login and verify as well. 


  • After verification, you will see your new HTTPS property. In your dashboard you should have two properties, HTTP and HTTPS. 



If you have used Google Webmaster to submit your sitemap, please resubmit the updated sitemap with HTTPS

  • After you have followed the steps in 3. and added a new HTTPS property, click the link to view the HTTPS property


  • When you are in the HTTPS property dashboard, click "Crawl" and then "Sitemaps". Then click the red button to "Add/Test Sitemap".


  • Enter sitemap.xml into the field and click "submit"




If you are using Google Adwords for ads, please update the final destination URL(s)

We suggest that users should update all final destination URLs because Google may stop running the ads if the format is incorrect.

A. Old Adwords Interface


  • Sign in to your AdWords account.
  • Click the Campaigns tab and the Ads tab.
  • Hover over your ad text and click the pencil icon Pencil Icon that appears.
  • Make changes to your final URL with HTTPS and click Save.

New Adwords Interface

  • Sign in to your AdWords account.
  • In the page menu, click Ads & extensions.
  • Find the ad you’d like to edit.
  • Hover over your ad text and click the pencil icon Edit that appears.
  • Make changes to your final URL with HTTPS and click Save.


If you are placing Facebook Ads, please update Facebook ad links

  • Go to Power Editor.
  • Click CampaignsScreen_Shot_2017-07-12_at_12.43.57_PM.png, Ad Sets or Ads.
  • Check the box next to the campaign, ad set or ad you want to edit.
  • Click Edit.
  • In the editing pane that appears, update your website URL with HTTPS (e.g. https://www.shopname.com)
  • Click Save



Please update your Facebook Page website link

  • Login to your Facebook Page and click "About"
  • Edit the website address under "Contact Information"


  • Update your shop domain with HTTPS (e.g. https://www.yourshopname.com)and click "save"




If you are using Google Analytics, please update preset website link with HTTPS


  • Click Property Settings 


  • Update the preset website with HTTPS and click "save"




If you are using Google My Business, please update your shop website: 


  • Click the pencil to edit the website


  • Update your shop domain with HTTPS (e.g. https://www.yourshopname.com) and click "Apply"



If you have your own custom domain and linked to your shop, please update the URL redirect record of that domain

  • Login to your domain management panel.
  • Edit the URL redirect/forwarding record from HTTP to HTTPS (e.g. https://www.yourshopname.com) and press save.

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