Optimized Checkout Page

To better optimise customer's shopping experience, SHOPLINE has released a new checkout flow. With the newly revamped interface and flow, customers can easily make purchases quickly and increase product sales.

In this article, we would introduce you:

1. New features and optimization for the new checkout flow
2. How to get more insights of consumer data in Google Analytics Ecommerce settings



1. New features and optimization for the new checkout flow

  • Simple and clean layout
    The layout of the checkout flow is made to be more precise and clean under a 3-page setting; customers are able to preview the cart items in the “Cart” page, then to the next page to fill in the payment and delivery data and finally to the order confirmation page as a completion of the purchase. With the step indicator, the customers are guided step by step to complete the purchase at ease.

    To make the checkout flow clean and simple, the menu navigation items are removed so that customers would focus their attention to complete the purchase quickly. System will also provide a new section to display custom fields set by merchants. This will help to better organise the checkout flow and customer can easily follow up on each section.


  • Optimized user experience
    A better user experience for an ecommerce site is critical for improving the sales conversion. Under the new checkout flow, the step indicator clearly shows the steps of how customers can finish their checkout. When the customers forget to fill in the fields or fill in with the invalid data, customers will be directed to the relevant section, easier for them edit the wrong information. That optimizes the online shopping experience, especially in mobile as customers do not need to scroll up and down to find which errors there are. The country setting is based on customers' IP address so that customers can choose the see the delivery options based on countries.


  • More complete checkout form
    In the new checkout flow, "Recipient Phone number" and "Customer Name" are added as new fields so that customers can fill in the correct information accordingly. Also, the recipient fields and customer information are the same by default, which saves time for customers to finish the checkout process. Fields like "Birthday" and "Gender" would be filled in by logged-in customers once ONLY. They no longer need to fill in the fields for their purchase every time


  • Speed up checkout flow process
    In order to simplify and smoothen the checkout process, the ordering for different fields and notes have been changed. Order note will be displayed at the bottom of the shopping cart page so that customers can clearly read notes and reminders from the merchant before payment. The delivery section has been optimized based on chosen country, delivery address will display in suitable format for customer to fill in. For example, city and postcode fields will be provided for Taiwan address, Hong Kong address will only have one line field, etc.

    To further smoothen the checkout process, not only can a customer store delivery field information in his/her account, the delivery address can also be set as default. Customer will not need to choose delivery address in future purchases as default delivery address will be shown and it could help speed up his/her checkout process. If the customer has made a purchase at the store before and have filled in those order custom fields; system will automatically fill in those content based on last order purchase. 


2. How to get more insights of consumer data in Google Analytics E-commerce settings


Step 1

First you have to activate Enhanced Ecommerce function in SHOPLINE admin panel
"Shop Settings" > "Tracker Settings" > Add or Edit "Google Analytics" > Check "Enable Enhanced E-commerce" box



Step 2 

Login to your Google Admin Panel > "Ecommerce Settings" page



Step 3

Switch the "Status" and "Enable Related Products" toggles to "ON" > Press "Next step" to continue


Step 4

Switch "Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting" to "ON" 


Step 5

Add 3 steps in the funnel, click the pencil to edit names to:

1. Review Cart
2. Click Proceed to Checkout
3. Click Place Order


Step 6

Click "Submit" after finishing the setup > You will see "Success" notification on this page



Click here to access the complete guide for Google Analytics Ecommerce Setup.

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