[HKD Shop] Exporting Orders to Easyship


Easyship is an online platform that provides cross-border logistics solutions to eCommerce companies. With Easyship, merchants can compare all shipping companies in a click, find out the best deal in terms of delivery time, reliability and shipping cost. Then you can print all necessary documents pre-filled in a click, without pen and paper, and track everything from Easyship dashboard.

Now Shopline merchants could import their worldwide orders, both domestic and international, into Easyship dashboard and enjoy all the benefits in Easyship solution!

Currently Easyship only provide services for shipments originated from Hong Kong, Singapore and Mainland China.


Step 1 : register  Easyship account

Please make sure you already have your own Easyship account. You could register your account here.


Step 2 : Export Report

Login to SHOPLINE admin panel > "Report & Analytics" > "Report Export" > "Sales" > "Order Report (New)"
Select the period of time for the order export > Click “Export” > You will receive an email with the order report in excel format > Save it to your computer


Step 3 : Login your Easyship account

Login your Easyship account > Select “Start Shipping” 



Click “Add Shipments” on the top left corner



Step 4 : File Upload

Select “File Upload”



Step 5 : Browse your files

Click “Browse your files” to import the file you saved in Step 2 > Click “Upload” to upload the file

Step 6 : success / fail

A message is shown on the top right-hand corner upon successful upload, and you will see the orders under “Create Shipments” page (Easyship will automatically select your overseas orders only)
If you see a red exclamation mark, please click into the order and fill in the missing information.


Step 7 : complete

After inputting all required information, Easyship will select the most suitable shipping option for you, together with its cost. You could also click “Edit Courier” to check other available shipping options.

When you've finalized your selection, click “Ship” on the top right corner and follow the instructions on the page to complete the shipping order.






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