[Coming Soon] Member Element

The member element displays the membership benefits you have selected and enabled.

*Note: Since the member element displays the benefits set in the online store, you can select the membership benefits to be displayed but not add customized benefits.


1. Edit member element

Method 1

Click the editing area on the left to edit the display position of the element. When moving the cursor over the component, you will find the following buttons:


  • Click and drag the image.pngicon to move the position up and down.
  • Click on theimage-1.pngicon. The black icon means the component is displayed. When it's grey, the component will be hidden.
  • The blackimage-2.pngicon means you could delete the component and the grey icon means it is not deletable.

Method 2

Clickimageup.pngon the right side of the preview box to adjust the position of the element。


2. Add and delete membership benefit

In the store Admin, go to [Mobile App Management] > [App Design]. On the design page, click the Member Element to the preview box in the middle, and you will find all the membership benefits selected by default. 

  • Click imagebin.pngto remove the membership benefit. 


  • Click and drag the benefit rows to adjust the position of different membership benefits.
  • Click Add Interest to adjust the default membership benefits to be displayed. 


  • The system currently supports displaying Birthday Credits, Order Reward Credits, Member Points, membership-tier offers, member referral, referral codes, and points redemption. 

*Note: If you have yet enabled the corresponding membership benefits, the corresponding benefit field will not be displayed on the app homepage even if you choose to display them.


Click Save and Update on the top right to finish editing.






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