LINE Login & Sign-up



1. Sign-up as LINE Developers

Please enter the LINE Developer and click LINE Login > Start now, then log in with your LINE account. You can use your company's LINE account if you are a company account.

Enter the name and email you want to use on the app page in the "Developer Name" and "Your email" fields, and check "I have read and agree to the LINE App Agreement" click Confirm and Register in the next step. The "Developer Name" and "Your email" can be modified afterward.



2. Create a provider

Click Create a new provider.



Entering your company name in the "Provider name" field, click Create to continue.


Please refer to this article for more details.


3. Create LINE Login Channel

3.1 Select "Create a LINE Login channel."



3.2 Fill in and submit the information for creating a new channel.

Upload a picture of the store (you can use the store logo), and enter "Channel name" and "Channel description" these contents will be seen on the page when customers register through LINE, and they can be edited afterward.

*Note: Please do not enter spaces in the "Channel name" field to avoid error prompts.



3.3 Look for the Channel ID & Channel Secret

Please copy the Channel ID and Channel secret for the third-party member login.

*Note: The Channel ID and Channel secret should be the same as the Channel ID used by the store.


3.4 Setting LINE-related information

Then check both "Web app" and "Mobile app" in "LINE Login settings".


3.4.1 Web app settings

Return to [Channel Integration] > [LINE] > [LINE Sign Up & Login] in SHOPLINE Admin and copy the Callback URL. 

In the Channel page in LINE Developers, go to the "LINE Login" tab and scroll down to "Callback URL". Click Edit, paste the Callback URL copied from SHOPLINE Admin and click Update.



*Note: If you do not complete this step, customers will see the error message below when trying to register or log in to your store using a LINE account. 


3.4.2 Mobile app settings

For iOS

Field Source/ Instruction
iOS bundle ID You can find the Bundle ID on the "Identifiers" page on Apple Developer
iOS universal link (Skip)



Field Source/ Instruction

Package names

Please copy the name in bracket after "package name": in Google Play Console [Setup] > [App integrity] > [Digital Asset Links JSON]

Package signatures

  1. Please obtain SHA-1 certificate fingerprint in Google Play Console > [Setup] > App integrity > App signing. 
  2. Remove the ":" in the certificate fingerprint. There are 2 ways to do it: a. Remove the colon(:) manually; or b. Go to a decoder website to convert the SHA-1-certified fingerprint. Click Convert; the "Cleaned input" content is the Package Signatures.

Android URL scheme




4. Admin setup

Step 1

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Mobile App Management] > [App Publish Settings], click the "Add third-party services" drop-down menu and select Facebook Login.



Step 2

Fill in the LINE app Info

Paste the Channel ID and Channel secret from the LINE Developer to the fields in the pop-up window. Check the box to confirm and click Save.

*Note: The Channel ID and Channel secret should be the same as the Channel ID used by the store.



Step 3

Click Submit an app publish review to update the app. 







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